Luminarias – 2021

Happy Holidays Shenandoah. We have had 23 members step up and volunteer to assist in the annual Luminaria Display. The group is a wonderful mix of new residents, new young families, and residents who have been in Shenandoah for many years. Together they share in their time and talents. New friends and acquaintances have been established. It’s all good. Distribution of the luminaria candles will […]

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Hi! I wanted to share my experience on the board for 2021 in case anyone may be interested in joining in 2022. 🙂 Short answer: it was more enjoyable than I thought it would be! LOL. Read on. My husband often gives me grief for never saying no. (Which isn’t true. Well, maybe kinda true, but the point is, I’m glad I said yes to […]

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Troy-Hayner Cultural Center

This fixture of downtown Troy offers ever-changing classes, performances, and art displays.

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Membership Details

Learn about becoming a member of the Association.

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Steps for whitelisting in Gmail and Spectrum (RoadRunner).

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Block Captains

These folks are the Association’s boots on the ground.

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No Solicitation

There is no door-to-door solicitation in Concord Township. That includes Shenandoah.

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Order License Plates online

The quick and easy way to renew your license plates is online. There are no lines to wait in, you do not have to drive anyplace, and it saves time.

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Bookmobile Schedule

The bookmobile visits Shenandoah over the summer. Schedule posted inside.

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Stencil a Storm Drain!?!

Why do we have fish images on our storm drains?

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