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About Shenandoah

Shenandoah is a subdivision of 250 homes just outside of Troy, Ohio. Homes sit on 1/2 acre lots, are mostly 2-story, and generally have 3-4 bedrooms.  The first homes were built in the early 1970s, and the last was built around 2000. Troy is the seat of Miami County, the next county north of Dayton, Ohio.  And it’s an easy 2-hour drive to Columbus, Indianapolis, Toledo, or Cincinnati.

Abutting the 110 acre John A. Wannemacher Nature Reserve, Shenandoah residents enjoy all manner of outdoor activities from bird watching to cross-county skiing.

The Homeowners’ Association sponsors many social activities during the year: an Easter egg hunt, ice cream social, and lawnmower race to name just a few.

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Recent News Articles

Neighborhood activities

There are a variety of events and activities throughout the year here in Shenandoah. Some are sponsored by the Association for the members. Some are for all residents of the neighborhood. Some are activities in the surrounding community open to the public.. The events are only possible with the voluntary assistance of the good people of Shenandoah. Join in. Volunteer. Be a part of the […]

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Looking for a Lawn Sweeper

Looking for a Lawn Sweeper

I’m looking to borrow or rent a pull-behind lawn sweeper from a resident of Shenandoah. If you have one and would be willing to loan, rent, or barter for it, please contact me. I could mow your lawn while you are on vacation. I have plenty of tools to loan as an exchange. Or I have writing and computer skills you might need. Philip Kelly […]

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July 1st Family Event – A Thank You

Many thanks to those who made this year’s event such a success.

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Food Truck Schedule

Food Truck Schedule

The Food Trucks are back, and the schedule is confirmed.

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Albums & album collections

Albums & album collections

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About this Website

This site provides general information about the Shenandoah subdivision, the city of Troy, Miami County, and the surrounding region.  This information is available to the public.

Additional information in this site is available only to residents.  Services provided by neighbors, barter/swap groups, and special interest groups (golf, baby playgroups, etc.) are a few examples of the types of information available to residents who register on this site.  Association membership is not required in order to register, but registration is monitored and is not available to non-residents.  Upon request, and with the approval of the Association Board, exceptions are made for local Realtors® and business owners.

Residents who choose to become members of the Shenandoah Homeowners’ Association have additional rights and access to information on this site.  Members have access to the telephone directory, can post their own content including creation and updating of the information listed above, plus Shenandoah Star articles, and more.

The User Name you create when you register is visible to others, so choose it wisely.