Neighborhood activities

There are a variety of events and activities throughout the year here in Shenandoah. Some are sponsored by the Association for the members. Some are for all residents of the neighborhood. Some are activities in the surrounding community open to the public.. The events are only possible with the voluntary assistance of the good people of Shenandoah. Join in. Volunteer. Be a part of the […]

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Garage Sale Info

This year’s Garage Sale is this weekend, May 13 & 14. See attached.

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Push Notifications from Website

This page for board members only.

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Matt & Stacy Fullenkamp

This page is for Shenandoah residents only.

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One of Many Fun-Filled Family Events for Shenandoah Residents

The Food Trucks are back, and the schedule is confirmed.

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Hi! I wanted to share my experience on the board for 2021 in case anyone may be interested in joining in 2022. 🙂 Short answer: it was more enjoyable than I thought it would be! LOL. Read on. My husband often gives me grief for never saying no. (Which isn’t true. Well, maybe kinda true, but the point is, I’m glad I said yes to […]

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Albums & album collections

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Treasurer’s Report

The Shenandoah HOA board of trustees meets about once per month in the fall, winter, and spring. The treasurer prepares a summary of the financial status of the association and presents it to the board. Those summaries are While best efforts are made to keep this list complete and accurate, the official treasurer’s reports are kept by the Association treasurer Board meeting minutes can be […]

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This page for Association members only.  If you are a member, please contact Treasurer  Don Tighe at 901-5887 to have your membership status updated.

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